The Team

White Lilac Inc. is a team of passionate individuals who work together to execute inspiring events. Within the team are a dedicated group of event and floral designers who bring their own unique personalities and design aesthetics to White Lilac. Each designer has experience working in spectrum of events ranging from large galas to intimate dinner parties. An amazing staff of logistics personnel enables White Lilac to be a full-service design company to handle everything from custom design elements to rentals and event lighting. Each White Lilac event is supported by a team of designers and logistics personnel to ensure every aspect of the event is executed flawlessly.

The Creator

Sunny Ravanbach developed a keen eye for design early on as a young girl being surrounded by live television sets and a constant bustle of creative energy at the television station where her mother worked. Since then, she has worked in the Event Design industry for over 15 years showcasing events that invite guests into completely transformed environments created by meticulously curated details. Sunny’s love for eclectic inspiration from all over the world and via all mediums of art and design is the cornerstone of White Lilac’s design perspective, and she works to continually bring innovative concepts to life. She has earned a respected client roster ranging from Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, to the Orange County Museum of Art and many others.